Welcome to our site! Our company is a leading supplier of truck tires. We work with world-renowned companies such as Double Coin, Aeolus, Bridgestone, Sumitomo, Titan, Varta and Cooper. For 2016 our company is authorized to represent MARSHAL passenger car tyres in Russia.

Direct contracts with the manufacturer allow to provide effective deliveries in accordance with each customer's requests, a quality service, and fast feedback from the manufacturer. We are ready to cooperate with you! Learn more about us.


Marshal tyres brand belongs to KUMHO TYRES and it has been established for over 25 years ago. Marshal has wide range of tyres for all types of vehicles from passenger cars to trucks. New introduced products are featured with the latest available tyre technology and production of new sizes to reflect market demand.
For 2016 our company is authorized to represent MARSHAL passenger car tyres in Russia. We offer cooperation to Russian tyres wholesalers. Dealers welcome!


South Korean Company "Kumho" was founded in the mid-twentieth century, it is a part of ten largest tire manufacturers in the world for all types of cars. "Kumho" Tires repeatedly became winners in motor sport, what proves high technology , reliability and security, putting the company on a pedestal universally recognized world manufacturers of tyres.


Philosophy of «Hankook Tire Co. Ltd» is expressed in words «Safety and satis- faction». «Hankook Tire Co. Ltd» has 4 tire manufactories and 4 research centres in Korea, USA, Germany and China. The whole process of production Hankook tire is concentrated in Korea. Hankook favourably differs from competitors, whose factories are scattered all around the world, which greatly complicates tracking of product quality.

The Double Coin factory began operation in 1991 installed state-of-the-art tyre building and curing machinery sourced from the best equipment manufacturers in the USA, Japan and Europe. At Double Coin our goal is simple: deliver more tire for less money.

A century of experience and knowledge of the tire industry provides Aeolus Tires with an edge in understanding the needs of dealers and those of their consumers.

At Bridgestoneas dream is to become a truly global enterprise and to establish the Bridgestone brand as the undisputed world No. 1 brand in both name and substance. Across the globe,Bridgestone team is focused on achieving this goal.

Double Star Tire is a world well known tire manufacturer, having the biggest TBR- production capacity in China. With the goal of being the top brand, achieving continuous development and remaining open to all new trends, Doublestar Tire is dedicated to create the most valuable products and services for its customers. In June 2016 its going to open new modern TBR factory in Qingdao. For sure the best and most modern one in China.

Enjoying high popularity in both domestic and inter- national markets, Compasal is made as a high quality level brand from China. Compasal mainly specialize in designing and supplying all kinds of radial tires. With high quality, reasonable price and excellent service Compasal is able to be one of your best tire suppliers and long term business partner.

Sumitomo is the premium export brand of Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd., one of the largest tire manufactures in the world. Within the tire industry, Sumitomo enjoys a well-earned reputation for superior quality.

Formula of success

We work closely with customers to build their businesses and are well placed to assist in selecting the right tires to satisfy special needs, because we have some of the most highly respected experts in the tire industry.

This relationships are necessary in today's fast-moving modern world because not only tire technology rapidly changes but there is an unprecedented availability of superior quality tires as alternatives to the traditional brands.