A century of experience and knowledge of the tire industry provides Aeolus Tires with an edge in understanding the needs of dealers and those of their consumers. We steadily research the market place to bring you the best quality, selection and price as part of our efforts in delivering superior service and the kind of value essential to your business. It is something we strive to prove every day because at Aeolus Tires, we know that for you to succeed, we need to harness all of our resources to help you stay competitive and to satisfy your customers every time.

Experience. Devotion. Track record. Global resources. Everything is in place to deliver on our commitment to you. We deliver the highest possible levels of customer service, assure the prompt delivery of all products and offer exceptional margin opportunities. This, combined with our extensive inventories and efficient world wide delivery, position Aeolus Tires at the leading edge of the tire business- a position where we will remain. You have our word on it.



The HN06 is a versatile all-purpose tire designed for local delivery and short distance applications. Reinforced solid shoulders provide even wear and resistance to cuts and scrapes.

The HN207 is an all-position wide base tire. Designed to deliver excellent stability and engineered with superior mileage in mind, the HN207 is ready for a variety of mixed operations

The HN235 is a regional pick-up and delivery service tire, designed for demanding applications. The HN235 can also be used in low platform trailer positions.

The HN266 is engineered for on- and off-road applications, with an extra deep 23/32nds tread depth that delivers superior traction and extended tread life for use in a variety of construction and commercial applications.

The HN277 Ultra is the next generation in premium line-haul steer tires, engineered to deliver exceptional tread wear and superior handling characteristics under all weather conditions.

The HN309 features wide lugs to provide exceptional traction on all road surfaces, making it an ideal all-weather drive tire.

The HN355 is an all-weather premium drive tire optimized for exceptional traction and mileage. Featuring an extra-wide footprint for enhanced stability.

The HN366+ is an all-weather premium drive tire optimized for exceptional traction and mileage. This tire features a wide footprint and solid square shoulders that provide enhanced stability and control.

The HN808 is a premium line haul trailer, with long tread life in free rolling trailer wheel positions. Designed to resist skid wear and to reduce rolling resistance, the HN808 is truly a consistent performer.