CPT76 is designed with four consecutive main grooves and three auxiliary fine grooves to provide better drainage and grip performance. CPT76 features design of proper proportion for block and groove to provide better wear resistance performance.

CPS21 features specially design for steer axles and all-position usage and engineered 5-rib tread design for premium handling and long tread life.

CPS60 designed with 3 circumferential grooves ensures good directional stability, even wear and smooth ride. Improved tread compound helps resist tears and ensure long mileage in on/off road use.

CPD81 is optimized for traction on all-season highway conditions and large block design helps enhance handling. This tire features high mileage and long tread life.

CPD82 is a premium tire designed for drive position applicable for rough road surface. Aggressive direction tread with robust tread blocks providing extra traction for on/off road condition.

CPD85 designed for excellent traction for on/off drive axle application. Aggressive and optimum self-cleaning tread lateral grooves provides remarkable performance in all weather conditions both one and off the roads.