Ranking 15th Strongest Shanghai Tyre & Rubber Co., Ltd was restructed form the group enterprise established on June.16th,1990, comprising Shanghai Ta Chung Hua Rubber Factory and Shanghai Tsen Tai Rubber Factory. According to the records for 2000 sales turnover, the company became the 26th largest among the 500 industries and enterprises in Shanghai ,ranking 15th largest among the 75strongest major tyre manufacturers in the world.

History And Product Line The TaChung Hua and Tsen Tai Rubber Factory is the earliest tyre manufacturer in China with a tyre-manufacturing history of nearly 70 years. In the early 1930's, the factory established the two well-known Double Coin and Warrior Brands respectively which enjoy great popularity over the rubber field. The main products of the company consist of all-steel radial heavy duty truck tyres, radial light truck tyres, bias light truck tyres, bias truck tyres, agricultural tyres with 10 varieties and over 350 specifications.

The Rise Of The Radial Truck Tyre The company boasts a strong technological force with a state-level research and development centre with 150 intermediate and advanced technical staff and engineers engaged in the research and development work. The Double Coin heavy-duty radial tyre factory with state-of-the-art technology and fairly large scale have been established in the early 1990's in the Min Hang development zone. The output of all-steel radial truck tyres reached 1.3 million units per year.

Authorized Certificate The radial tyres have been early certificated by The US Department of Transportation(DOT), the Economic Committee of Europe(ECE) and The INMERTO of Brazil. In addition, the company has also been certified by ISO 9002 quality control system.



Premium On Highway Steel Radial Drive Position

Premium On Highway Steel Radial Drive Position

Heavy-Duty All-Position On/Off Highway Steel Radial Mixed Service

Premium On/Off Highway Steel Radial Drive Axle

Premium Wide Base All-Position Steel Radial Mixed Service

Freight, Prime-Mover & Trailers, Long Distance Trucks, Interstate Buses, Tipper Trucks

Premium Open Shoulder Heavy-Duty On Highway Service

Long Distance Trucks, Prime-Mover & Trailers, local Buses

Heavy-Duty All-Position On/Off Highway Steel Radial Mixed Service