Marshal is a brand of worldwide famous Korean tire manufacturer Kumho. It has been established over 25 years ago, he became popular in more than hundred countries, such as Germany, Italy, UK, Australia and many others. Kumho company is among ten leading global manufacturer of tires and pays great attention to the development and innovation. The availability of a network of research centers in various countries around the world, utilization of advanced technology and the availability of the control system at all stages of production and sale of goods allows the company to provide high quality products and its compliance with the global competitive environment.

Marshal PCR tires are specially designed to meet the requirements of the European market. The main emphasis in their production is made on reliability and security. Despite their affordability, they are of high quality and excellent performance, thereby went upscale and trust of car owners in a variety of countries around the world.


  • High performance handling without compromising ride comfort
  • Wide size range to fit a large number of vehicles
  • Improved uneven wear resistance with interlocking bars between blocks
  • Sophisticated modern style and asymmetric pattern design
Marshal KL 51 is a summer tire for SUVs. It combines the comfort of movement with high traction in all road conditions. The original symmetrical pattern makes it possible to use this model, even in the snow, and provides an effective self-cleaning of tire. The special structure of the sidewall allows PCR Marshal KL 51 to move confidently on the off-road and special blocks of shoulder provide excellent handling when maneuvering. Four longitudinal channels and the transverse (cross sectional) grooves reliably prevent from hydroplaning. In addition, the tire wear out evenly (equally) and has a long life due to applying of unique technology providing a uniform internal pressure.
The main feature of PCR Marshal KR21 is a high level of safety in all road conditions during the summer season. ESCOT technology used to create the model, aims to provide a safe and comfortable driving. This is achieved by ensuring the stability of tire profile and safety of size and contact area pattern form regardless of the driving mode. It makes possible to achieve high levels of steering and stability when maneuvering, the safety tire grip, effectiveness of acceleration and braking. In addition, the tire performs excellent resistance to aquaplaning and low noise due to the special design of the tread pattern.
  • Solid circumferential rib maximizes straight line stability at high speeds
  • Optimal tread profile radius improves hydroplaning resistance
  • 4 wide grooves improve water evacuation on wet road
  • Flagship Marshal UHP tyre
  • Stable wet and dry grip performance
  • Directional pattern with centre rib for improved handling and steering response
  • Special silica compound for wet handling performance
  • The high-tech material for optimal grip on wet surface.
  • Driving stability at high speeds.
  • Excellent handling and braking characteristics on wet surfaces.
  • Low tire wear out due to the unique composition of the mixture.
  • High cornering stability.
  • Excellent resistance to aquaplaning.
Passenger car tire Marshal KL17 is specially designed for SUV. It is distinguished by excellent steerability and stability when cornering, reduced level of noise and excellent resistance to aquaplaning. It has an asymmetric tread pattern. The composition of the rubber mixture contains a unique polymer components, thereby providing a secure grip on dry and wet roads. This model is featured by increased energy efficiency, thus reducing fuel consumption. Marshal KL17 is summer tire, distinguished by high quality and attractive appearance.
Marshal KL21 is a summer tire for SUVs and all-terrain vehincles. The rubber composition is optimized to get optimum performance of wear resistance and tire elasticity, which would maintained under different temperature conditions. This was achieved by adding silicon. This technology is well recognized by many present day tire manufacturers and become a quality standard among modern brands. The tread pattern meets the needs of the security and stability of driving, has special water discharge (water taking) blades that allows self-cleaning of surface. The rolling resistance is reduced in this model that allows to consume fuel more economically.
PCR Marshal KL71 is especially designed for service in the most extreme road conditions. The directional tread design with wide longitudinal and cross section lateral grooves improves traction on the road and in the dirt surface and rocky soil. Fim side lug type tread provides resistance of tires to damage. The presence of the gasket between the tread and breaker minimizes noise and enhances driving comfort. Double-layer carcass allows the tire to handle heavy loads.
This model is marked "all-weather" and designed for SUVs and all-terrain vehincles.

October 27, 2020
Double Coin is thrilled to introduce the new FT125+ super wide trailer-position truck tire after the completion of successful road tests in the U.S. and Canada. This tire is expected to perform especially well in a tanker truck trailer application...

September 27, 2020
Bridgestone’s Blizzak LM005 tyre has received the ultimate accolade for its winter weather performance, courtesy of a 1st place ranking in the UK’s most prestigious tyre test for the category. The Auto Express Winter Tyre Test 2020 has placed the product as number one out of eight, citing its superior performance in the wet as a key factor.

August 12, 2020
The 275/70R22.5 Aeolus NEO Urban D is the latest addition to the Aeolus NEO series. The new tyre is immediately available. "It has been specially developed for drive axles on buses and ensures extra traction when it is really needed", says Jeroen Vos, Product manager Aeolus...

July 23, 2019
Aeolus has added size 315/60R22.5 to the NEO Fuel S+ series (steering axle tyre for international transport) and the NEO Allroads D+ series (universal drive axle tyre). It has thus further enhanced its range of tyres with excellent performance and the lowest price per kilometre...

April 29, 2019
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January 18, 2019
Kumho has once again been selected as an OE supplier to Mercedes-Benz. The latest generation of its G-Class model is factory fitted with Kumho’s Solus KL21 SUV tyres in size 265/60 R18 110H at Graz in Austria....

December 13, 2018
Aeolus is expanding its NEO range with winter tyres: the NEO Winter S and the NEO Winter D. A complete range, for both the steering and drive axles, allowing the carrier to deliver on time and at low mileage costs, even in extreme winter conditions....

April 12, 2018
According to the news Qingdao Doublestar published, DOUBLESTAR and its subsidiary XINGWEI(Korea) sign with KUMHO tire and its creditor : Korea Development Bank(KDB) about subscription agreement and stock holder agreement, XINGWEI will invest 646.3 billion won at the price of 5000 won per share to subscribe 129,267,129 common share of KUMHO tire...

March 16, 2018
The world’s largest tyre and rubber company revealed its dedicated training centre at the Motor Industry Research Association (MIRA) in Warwickshire, to supplement its existing portfolio of industry-recognised qualifications at customers’ headquarters...

February 27, 2018
On February 20, the Tire Technology Expo 2018 was held by UKIP in Hanover, Germany. Doublestar smart equipment was on shown with “Industry 4.0” smart factory successful cases and innovative R&D differentiated products, which has been highly praised and recognized by industrial experts and customers...

January 02, 2018
On December 28, 2017, the "2017 Chinese Brand Annual Awards" was held in Beijing. During the conference, thirty-five enterprises were awarded as “The Industrial Annual No.1 Brand”. In the tire industry, Doublestar...