About Us

We offer a wide and diverse range of products -passenger tires, truck and bus tires, tires for a special equipment and OTR tires. This allows us to resolve most complex maintenance issues experienced by companies and large holdings.

With an effective system of direct sales and our own retail network, we can quickly understand what each customer really needs, and react accordingly to any change in requirements.

The company structure and the competence of our managers mean we can satisfy the requirements of almost any customer category. We have a policy of Continuous Education and Improvement of our staff who frequently participate in training programs that are held by leading world manufacturers. We offer our customers weighed, intelligent decisions taking into account the real requirements of the client, service conditions of tires, and a reasonable parity of the price and quality.

Understanding the customer's responsibility, we very seriously discern a choice of suppliers and work with them. There are several well-known world manufacturers among our suppliers who have positively proved their products on the markets of Europe and North America. Direct contracts with the manufacturer allow to provide effective deliveries in accordance with each customer's requests, a quality of service, and quick feedback from the manufacturer.

We are ready to cooperate with you!