Doublestar Tire is the worlds leading tire manufacturer, international well-known listed company from China. It has two production bases in Qingdao and Shiyan. It relies on the developing mode of "CO-Creation, Sharing and Win-Win". Doublestar is dedicated to create the most valuable products and services for its customers, increase the value for enterprise and help employees to share the value.

Doublestar tires covers PCR, SUV, TBR and OTR tire. All tires were approved by ECE, DOT, INMETRO, GCC, SNI, COP, SABS as well as ISO/TS16949 quality management system certification.

At present, Doublestar is the main supplier for dozens of famous demestic automobile manufacturers, like China FAW , Dongfeng Motor, China National Heavy Duty Truck, Beiqi Foton Motor, Shaanxi Auto, CIMC, JAC, Changan Automobile, Wuzheng cars. Doublestar tires have been exported to 140 countries and regions, such as Europe, America, Africa, South East, Asia, Middle East and etc.

Doublestar tire will always pursue the principle of "green, environmental protection, energy saving, safe ", develop together with all customers to reach the target of "making Doublestar tire the top brand in the world".



DSR 08A is an all-weather drive tire optimized for excellent driving, braking and anti-sideslip ability for rainy and snowy weather. Suitable to drive wheel of truck, trailer, tractor on city road and high grade road.

DSR 116 designed to reduce rolling resistance and noise emission. This drive tire optimized for long mileage and fuel efficiency. Good draining ability ensures safety on wet ground.

DSR 118 is suitable to steer and trailing position for bus and truck on city road and highway. Excellent anti-sideslip performance provides safety on wet and dry ground. DSR 118 features high mileage with super anti-wear, designed to reduce rolling resistance.

DSR 128 118 is suitable to steer and trailing position for bus and truck on city road and highway. Tire features high mileage with super anti-wear, low heat-build-up pattern formula.

DSR 266 optimized for excellent traction and guiding stability, low noise emission supply comfortable driving, engineered for superior loading capacity, more original mileage.

DSR 268 features excellent draining performance, big block design ensures excellent traction. This tire is suitable to all wheel position of truck and bus on city road and expressway.

Suitable to all wheel position of bus or truck on city road and highway. New technology for high mileage. Optimized and stronger design for tyre bead. Low rolling resistance & noise emission, excellent heat radiation, guiding stability.

DSR 566 features 4 wide longitudinal grooves ensure good draining performance and driving stability on wet ground, engineered to deliver super anti-wear tread, excellent fuel efficiency for high speed.

DSR 588 is suitable to driving and trailing wheel of truck on high grade road. This tire features low profile and wide section heavy-duty radial tire? Ensure strong driving ability.

Suitable to vehicles on low grade road and mine. Mix pattern supplies excellent traction performance, braking performance, supper driving and anti-wet ability. Designed for high anti-wear, anti-tear, anti-puncture, and cut resistance performance, with higher original mileage. Optimized and stronger bead design supplies high load ability.